Crafting time

So I’ve had a bit more free time the past few months and I finally decided to try my hand at amigurumi.  One of my friends asked me to make a toy for her daughter for Christmas and that was my first try.   Being my first, it was pretty hard, but it gave me a taste I couldn’t forget. 

I thought a bunny would be pretty easy after my attempt at Backson.

I think they came out pretty cute.   After these two I  decided to try an elephant. 

I am totally in love with her.   I got a couple of orders for her and I’m pretty excited about that.   I can’t wait to try making other animals. 

In between making these I took a break to make a St. Patrick’s Day wreath for the mantle. 

I love when I have time for crafting.  Any suggestions on what I should make next? 


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