Signs of Spring

This winter has been totally killer. I think they said it was the second snowiest in our area. I’m usually over snow by January and this year proved no different. By feb I was ready to pack my bags and head to warmer climates… If only I had tons of extra cash on hand and no job to keep me here.
Come March and I was seriously going out of my mind, I need spring now!! So I decided to start my garden in doors the first week of March. I usually only start flowers from seed and not till April or May, but that was not happening this year, I need to see signs of life now… I need hope that winter will end.
Our new apt is pretty sunny and get a good amount of natural light all day, so I figured I could try starting all sorts of things from seed this year. I saved some seeds from last years garden and I ordered a bunch of new veggie seeds.

The hubs got me a new bag of potting soil and I made a bunch of newspaper pots and planting time commenced. I was sooo excited! I was like a little kid at the candy store and checked with eager expectation every morning to see if anything had happened. A few times a week after checking and seeing no progress I would say nothing’s happening, grow dang it, grow.” and the hubster would say, ” didn’t you just plant those like yesterday?” And I would sigh. Sometimes I’m not very patient, but thankfully all the seeds sprouted in spite of my yelling at them every morning 🙂
borage, zinnias, peppers
bonnie best tomato
winter squash and zucchini
bush beans
red leaf and red romaine lettuce

I don’t know where I’m going to put all this stuff, I may have gotten a bit carried away, but I’ll make it work somehow. I can’t wait to start getting veggies from these guys! The snap peas are already outside and happily growing…just a few more weeks and we’ll have some peas. I’ve never been this excited about peas in my life! Mom would be so proud, I’ll have to save her some.

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