So when we moved into the new place, I debated getting rid of the bread machine because it didn’t fit in any of the cabinets and I’d only used it once or twice since we got it for our wedding (almost 9 yrs ago). Boy am I glad I decided to give it one more try before ditching it.  Why, oh why have I not been using this thing more often?  It’s amazing!   The machine does all the work and I get some really delicious bread.

IMG_2439 IMG_2441


So far I’ve made two loaves of white bread and one loaf of wheat.  I totally messed up on the wheat bread, but I will try again.  The white loaf is just awesome.  I used bread flour and all purpose flour on my second loaf of white bread, it came out softer than using all bread flour so I’ll make it like that all the time.  And this is coming from the girl who doesn’t even really like bread (I think I just like making things).

While I was reading the manual on how to use my bread machine, I discovered that it also makes jam (WHAT?!?!? I can make my own jam??  seriously what have I been doing with my life?).  Basically you find a recipe, dump all the stuff in bread machine hit start, come back in a couple hours and bam, you have jam! Awesome.  I decided to start of with a small batch and found this recipe on Pinterest.  I did peel my peaches, added some brandy and vanilla and also only processed half because I wanted some chunks.  This stuff is sooooo good.  It’s more than half gone already.IMG_2456

Now that I’ve made bread and jam I feel like there’s a whole new world out that that I have to explore. I want to make mozzarella cheese and butter and everything! This is sooo much fun!

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