New home and Mason Jar Cozies

So we’ve been in the new apt for 1 week and 2 days now. There are still a bajillion boxes everywhere. Stuff sure does pile up when you live in a place for almost 9yrs. I don’t know where half of this stuff came from…we definitely have to get rid of some stuff. This place is definitely smaller than the old one. I’ll have to post pics when there aren’t as many boxes everywhere. There are a lot of stores and restaurants to check out in our neighborhood, so that will be fun over the next few months. Already made two trips to Ikea, 1 to walmart, the hardware store and bed bath and beyond. So far city living is pretty nice.
Anywho, onto the mason jar cozies. We have been using mason jars as our main drinking glasses as of late and I was getting sick of the puddles all the time because of how much they sweat with all this heat and humidity. I knew I could make cozies to solve this problem, so yesterday i decided to take a break from all the unpacking and get it done.





I made two different ones and they fit both the wide mouth and regular mouth pint jars. I used one today and it was perfect. I think i may make a few more in a different style…maybe flowers. Gotta get some fun colorful cotton yarn.

And here is a few pics of the shell that I’ve been working on. I gotta convince myself to finish it. I am so close, yet it just sits there staring at me all the time…

Pretty much it’s the same rectangle for the front and back, then I just sew up the two sides and a little along the top making a boat neck and I’m done. Some day.

What have you been making lately?

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