Chaos, Brasil, more chaos.

Well…May was an insane month!  The hubby and I will be moving to the Philly area sometime in August, but we decided to move out of our current apartment by the end of may to save some money.  Our friends have a cool RV thing that we will stay in for the summer.  SOOOOO that meant packing up our apartment in 3 weeks, while also planning and getting ready and packing for our missions trip to Brasil.  Let me just say I do not  recommend doing this, ever!!! I thought I was going to lose my mind on several occasions.  Anywho, what’s done is done and we’re still standing…mostly.

Brasil was great!  Too short, but I realized that I’d rather go for a short time than not go at all.  And that’s the funny thing because  I didn’t want to go at first because I knew we’d be getting ready to move and life would be crazy but I’m so glad I went!  It’s amazing to see how God is in the details and  knows just what you need long before you do.  So 6 of us went to Brasil from our church (Grace Fellowship Evangelical Free), to work with Peter Thomas and the staff at YWAM Fortaleza  to help restore some buildings and property.  We sanded and varnished chairs, painted a classroom, mowed the soccer field, and built a veranda. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but what I’ve learned from previous trips to Brasil is that its not really about what gets accomplished, but its about the relationships we build… the new energy, the new hope,the encouragement, the iron sharpening iron.  Seeing how God moves both here and there…it does something for the soul.  I cannot wait to go back.  Aside from Barbados (where I was born), I don’t think I have ever been to a place that feels so much like home and is so hard to leave.


The Gang posing with some supplies that we brought down with us.




Yes, we packed a lawn mower in a suitcase.  I bet the baggage folks were very confused by that, and the weed whacker.







Our home in Brasil








The chairs








The Classroom before and after – the world is now a lovely shade of green and the pink is blue








The Veranda


DSCN3717 DSCN3586


P.S.  The yarn and crochet hooks are still handy, so once we get ourselves more situated in our new home, I’ll be back at it!

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