Something new

This is the very first project I started (well what’s left of it that is, I started unraveling it before I took a pic) way back in the day when I was about 9 yrs old. It was going to be a blanket for my twin bed, I never finished. I didn’t even come close. It was quietly tucked away in a closet for years and years.  After I moved out and got married my mom wanted me to come get my stuff and we had a blast going through old boxes of memories. I was amazed by all the stuff she kept over the years. When we found the blanket I remember thinking oh my gosh look at those colors! What was I thinking? And then I wondered what in the world am I going to do with this? There was no way I was going to finish this… Do they even make this color yarn anymore?

I couldn’t get rid of it, it’s the first thing I learned to do… Memories of Aunt Helen and Dorothy were weaved into this crazy ripple blanket. So I’ll save it, some day I’ll know what to do with it… Well someday came last week when I received a request for a custom lovey in coral and turquoise. I checked my local craft stores to see if they had and coral yarn, but no such luck. Then I remembered my blanket. I dug it out and it was the perfect color. I had the hubby help me unravel a bunch of it and I made this cute elephant ripple lovey.




I’m glad this project I started years ago now has a new life. I hope the little baby that gets it loves it to pieces!



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