Whilst we wait…

Whilst we wait for me to finish my most recent baby blanket, I figured I’d show you some photos of previous blankets that I’ve made.  Most of them were made for friends who had babies.

LukewithMollyblanket 001 This is the very first blanket I made.  I didn’t take pics before I gave it     away, but just look at that cutie!  This blanket was actually made for his sister.





hannah_blanket (3)


  This is the second blanket I made.  I wanted a little more color on this one.hannah_blanket (4)

kaelyn_blanket (3)




kaelyn_blanket (7)



This is the result of my getting bored with making granny square blankets.  I needle felted the ark right onto the background then sewed on the animals with clear thread. It took a long time, but it was fun.




alpha_blanket (1)


I just wanted to see if I could make the alphabet in bobbles, so I got some graph paper and drew it out and this is the result.

alpha_blanket (8)


bartlett_blanket (4)


Entrelac tunisian crochet blanket.  This was a fun pattern.  I had never heard of tunisian crochet before, and now I love it.  I want to make another like this at some point.

bartlett_blanket (5)



This was a fun pattern.  It looks the same on both sides.


I can’t wait to show you the latest one.  Just have to finish the border, should be done by tonight.   Do you like to make baby blankets?

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