Crochet Tote Bag

So I decided that I would make a present for my mom for Christmas because she never needs or wants anything.  So I thought long and hard about what I could make for her and then it hit me…a tote bag!  She’s always going somewhere dragging a huge bag with her.   They’re functional, but not cute. Challenge accepted.  I would make my mom a cute, functional and sturdy tote bag.

DSCN3315I chose cotton yarn because I thought that would make a nice sturdy bag and I crocheted the whole thing in single crochet and Tunisian simple stitch.  I used a double ended crochet hook so I could work the simple stitch in the round.  Then I busted out the sewing machine and made a lining out of duck cloth just so i would be extra strong.  I mean my mom really uses her bags, I don’t want this falling apart in a couple of months.  I want this thing to last!  I took me about 3 weeks to finish the whole thing and boy was I glad when it was done.  I don’t do really well with projects that take more than a couple of hours, I get bored.  I was so proud of myself for making this bag…well I guess more importantly finishing it (I have two others, which are much smaller in comparison that I still have yet to finish and I started them forever ago).

So Christmas came and I could not wait for my mom to see her present.  She opens it, looks at it and says, “oh that’s nice.”  Then puts in back in the gift bag, and I am like totally freaking out.  “Mom, do you like it?”  “Do you like the colors?”  There was a tiny “yes” from my mom.  My head is about to explode, when I finally say… “you know I made that, right?”  Ahhh that was the key, now there was more excitement!  Oy vey, mom… gotta love her!!!!

Did you make any crochet or knitted gifts for friends and family this Christmas?


finished bag


close up of tunisian stitch


inside of bag


my mom rockin’ her new bag (I had to crop her head out because she hates having her pic taken)


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