Current project

So a friend asked me if I could make a hat for her to give to a friend at her upcoming baby shower… The only stipulations were that it needed to be 1-3 month size and nautical themed. Size was definitely not an issue, but I’ve never made anything nautical themed before, I wasn’t really sure where to start. So one afternoon I was on Pinterest and one of the people I follow was pinning all sorts of nautical themed baby shower themes and ideas ( I guess that’s a big thing for baby boys now), there were lots of stripes, but I found my idea… A blue and white striped hat with red anchor. I’m sure it’s been done but its new to me so I was excited. It’s not quite done yet but I’m so excited about how it looks that I couldn’t wait to take pics. I need to add some detail stitching to the anchor and then attach it to the hat. I also made a whale to see what it would look like.. I think it needs to be a tad bigger and have a face… But I’m totally loving the anchor one. What do you think?




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